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Computer geeks? Kick Start your IT company with this logo

Always inspired by technology, I have designed this computer logo with desktop support teams in mind that are providing such desktop services.

This free logo design includes the most important element: the phone number. When you have an issue with your Desktop machine that’s what you really need isn’t it? It is pretty uncommon in our collection of logo templates to have phone numbers but I’ve thought about this, and I realized it totally deserves its spot right there…

Here is how it would look in its dark black version. pretty nice? Huh?

computer repair logo

It is a circular design that features a computer requiring repair or having an issue, hence the bubble. You might want to adapt this logo with icons of other types of IT services such as a network logo for network support, a phone logo for telephony etc…

It also could be a stamp thanks to its shape. I’d also see it easily as a sticker on IT equipment supported by the computer repair company.

A Desktop Computer branding easy to customize

Computer logo design as it comes uses negative spaces and a single color which make it super easy to customize. The simple typography is fully editable and hasn’t been expanded so you could adapt this logo to your IT services brand if you will.

The simple and clean typography uses free fonts too (Lato) so no worries about that neither. As always, this freebie comes fully layered and in the zip file, you will find all you need in the Adobe Illustrator Ai source file.

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