Energy company logo – Template Design

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Energy company logo design

Energy company logo – Template Design

This is the latest addition to our free logos collection. We’ve produced in the past, several Energy logos (SolarSkyLight and others). But this logo template can be used for beyond that. In fact, my own interpretation of this logo design are the elements of nature, water, fire and stuff; but you could customize this free logo to suit several branding ideas too of course including an energy company logo identity.

Layered logo source file

The energy logo design uses a nice and handy pallet of gradients and is very easy to customize. The zip contains the adobe illustrator vector source file, fully layered and uses common free fonts.

The base energy company logo shape is the following.

Energy company logo

Learn how we built the Energy company logo

As you might have seen recently, we’ve started recording screen casts Tutorials for building logos posted on So here is the link if you want to see how to design this logo in under 3 minutes.


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