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Finance logo design

Square Exchange a Finance logo template

The theme of the day when coming up with this freebie: finance logo. We slowly drifted to stock, traders etc.. but I’m personally pleased by the result, are you?

The good news is that with the present logo template, the collection of designs on financial logos, trading and stock exchange logos is growing and the best news is… it’s all free as in free hugs!

This freebie logo was built with the idea of a stock exchange brand and identity. The reason why it’s actually quite a sobre and corporate branding, matching to my opinion the austerity of the financial world.

I’ve looked around, there aren’t many finance logo designs out there and certainly not free ones that you can customize.

Square exchange logo design is mainly typographic and with a dose of creativity, you could come up with a different wording whether to stay in the stock and finance logo theme or another one… I’m thinking perhaps for logistics or sustainable development (?).

Send us what you could come up with, we’re always thrilled to see what our designs become after you add on your own creative touch.

A stock exchange free logo easy to customize

The text was not expanded and to retain your ability to customize and edit this logo in a few seconds. and of course it is dead simple to change its color theme. We went for black and gold, didn’t we say already it’s about money and finance?

As always, this free logo design comes fully layered and uses common free fonts.

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