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Fish logo design

Fish logos

Sorry for the belated entry, our fish logo is now ready to rock and roll and is opening the season of free logo design lust!

This is our new approach for a fishing logo. We’ve done some other animal logos in the past but few are fish or sea related design. Of course there was the old lazy fish design and the whale but it’s been years now and I think through time we evolved into producing better logo designs.

Further Free logos in the works

This one is a totally new approach to the topic of fishing. This logo is a modern typographic one with a fish emblem that we did in 3D.  I also have other ideas of fish logos one on the more traditional Patagonia style and another fishbone based, so stay tuned for the next submissions.

Of course we went ahead and applied this design to a fish market, but you could customise this free logo the way you wish from modifying the layered source file. It is available in Adobe illustrator format (.ai) and you could modifying however you’d want…

As always if you want to learn logo design, get yourself a quick boost through visiting our Youtube channel where we study with you the basics of illustrator and clean yet beautiful designs.

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