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Awesome car company logo

Whether it is for car rental companies or for a maintenance center. This car company logo or one of its variants are very popular.

This one is on the sports cars niche though.

If this is the logo you are looking for as a branding identity for your car company logo, then feel free to proceed and download the zip file by smashing the big red juicy button below.

Your distinctive sport car business logo

We have other car based logos in the portfolio as well.  This one (outline of a car profile) is a popular one as far as I can see in garages and car rentals.

The logo is made of a simple stroke outlining the Aston Martin found here but simplifying its shape to the minimum.  You can very easily change the colors, thickness, and shape of the vehicle. Few colors are used here making it super easy to have the negative version of this logo better fit on darker backgrounds. The simple typography is fully editable, uses free fonts and hasn’t been expanded so you could adapt this logo to your brand name.

As always, this freebie comes fully layered and in the zip file, you will find all you need in the Adobe Illustrator CC Ai source file.

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