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Long time no see huh? Well… better late than never. Here is our latest one to date, another version of the free technology hub logo.

The previous iteration of the free tech hub logo was very successful among our visitors so we decided to give you another version so that you have different choices for your logo design.

I think this logo would be perfect for tech labs, fablabs and creative spaces. I could also see it as a visual identity for conferences not necessary in it but rather in science and innovation.

As usual this free logo comes in Adobe illustrator .ai source file. The file is fully layered and you can customise any aspect of the logo as you see fit.

Logo design Tutorials

As you might have seen recently, we’ve started recording screen cast Tutorials for designing logos posted on So go ahead and start learning a few of our techniques that’ll get you to the next level in graphic design with Illustrator. Here is the Youtube channel.

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